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Originally Posted by bilkay View Post
I agree that youtube is a great resource. I only did a quick search to post some swinging, odd time, and interesting phrasing, and found some favorites to add here. Blakey, Morello, and Stewart provide inspiration for me, and from a drummer/drumming education perspective, well, they all have a lot to teach us. But jazz is a deep ocean, and there are so many great players, past and present, we could post for days and still only have a toe in the water.
Totally agree Bill...........

P.S. just remember folks to shut off the computer and go out and support LIVE jazz if you have the opportunity in your own town or nearby city. If you don't you may LOOSE that opportunity once and for all. It's MUCH different to actually experience this ensemble music in a real room with real acoustics... and yes real musicians in front of you performing it :}

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