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Ha! Ha! :}

Seriously here's my point Bill. Back when I was getting my jazz playing and listening skills together in the early 70's before later becoming a pro jazz player myself we [my peers} relied heavily on buying and listening to jazz record albums and going out and checking out all the live jazz we could which was pretty amazing when I think back on it in the day with what I saw. The odd tv spot was a good source for watching the players do their thing too. Mostly it was recordings but no faces to put with the sounds back then.

Now with fewer and fewer jazz clubs available globally YouTube has become a great archive resource of hearing and seeing the very musicians playing the music as it went down, that includes what's happening today in jazz ensemble music too. Not quite the same as seeing it done in a small club or on a concert stage but hey at least gets you in the right zone to see how it really came and comes together on stage for the music especially for watching carefully the drummer but I always suggest listening to and focusing on the whole group concept as a #1 listening/watching priority as well. SUPPORT live jazz by the way!

Nice clips too by the way........:}

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