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Default Re: make money online

OK, So you need gear! I was talking to you last week. Are you 16 years old or older? If so, guess what! You can get a job! Do you have one? If you are old enough, I suggest that you start looking for one. If you are under 16, there are still ways to work odd jobs to make cash. I did it when I was under working age. I cut lawns, I cleaned cars and garages for neighbors, I baby sat! I took anything that came my way! I found ways to buy my first kit and pay for lessons.
When I was 16, I got a job in the kitchen of a large 10 story building where elderly people lived. I did odd jobs for the older folks that lived there in addition to my kitchen job. I bought my first car with the cash that I earned.
Go for it! you will find it rewarding to work for what you want!
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