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Default Question about heating our practice space...

My band rents a spectacular practice space. We pay next to nothing. Hard wood floors, sound absorbent panels on the walls, 2 separate locked doors to get in and we can leave our equipment there year-round. The only drawback is the temperature in the winter. It can get pretty chilly. The coldest day of the winter last year, it got to about 45-50 degrees F in there, which is a bit extreme to be able to practice. The business below us has heat, but we are so insulated that not much makes it up to us. The landlord provides electricity and he said we could use heaters to make it tolerable. Id say the dimensions of the room are about 20 feet x 15 feet with maybe 12 ft high ceilings.

What do you think the best and quickest way of heating up the room is? A bunch of small space heaters? The high ceilings kinda make it difficult. I'm just curious what you folks would do. Thanks for the input.
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