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Default Re: Being there on your own.

Originally Posted by MicahFlores View Post
Get to the venue early. Im sure you can meet other fans and hang out. Right off the bat you have one thing in common. As far as the car ride. Pick up a hooker, Plus, you can us the HOV lane.
That was the plan. And there aren't any car sharing lanes from here to york, just A and B roads, and a dual carriageway for a bit lol. Driving over here is nothing like in the US it's unbelievable the difference really.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
LOL. Eddie, I think that comment of yours just encapsulated the British character :)
I think you're right. It's just one of those things we do. Pessimism, cynicism, apathy etc etc it's all there really. Whereas i'm sure if i lived in AUStrailia i'd probably be a bit more happy. Hell i went into an aussie bar in minorca and i immediately felt uplifted lol.

15 hours in a car by myself from jersey to tenessee by myself for bonaroo. and i gained an hour crossing from the atlantic to the centeral time zone so really 16hours. and then 14 hours home(found a quicker route) 4 days later. so get over it. 45 minutes is nothin
haha as i said the size of the US is just mind boggling to an englishman like me. I suppose you're right though, it's not quite as easy driving over here though. We have roundabouts to contend with ;)
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