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Default R.I.P. Norton Buffalo

Hey Crew,

A major icon in the music world passed away a couple days ago-- Norton Buffalo, a Virtuoso harmonica player for way too many bands to list here.

He lived out his last day up here in Paradise, California, and may the Good Lord bless his soul into Heaven--into that "big band in the sky" that we'll all be part of someday.

Meantime, I've had 2 calls to "fill in' as a surrogate harp player for one gig, and a testimonial (fund raiser) benefit gig to try and fill his shoes..

I gotta admit, I'm a damn good harp player, but he was up there with the cream of the crop, and I don't think it would behoove me to try and match that standard--all respect included.

I have 2 days to respond to the "surrogate" gig, and I don't what to do.

Input, please.

C. P.
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