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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

I posted this in the Premier Kits Thread but I though I may aswell post it in the context of this Thread. This is the set-up I'm using with the Brighton Band I'm in called "The Bella Basement Club" and like I mentioned in the Premier Thread it's minimal but, I can get all the Sounds I need out of it:

Specs are as follows:
- 1980's Premier Club Kit (3ply shells with 2ply re-rings) 12"x7&3/4" Rack Tom & 13"x8&3/4" Hanging Tom
- Sonor Force 2007 14"x5" 8 ply Birch Snare tuned to C & A (Batter & Resonant respectiley)
- Sabian HHX 18" Stage Crash (used as Crash-Ride)
- Sabian Signature 11" Max Splash
- Sabian B8's Hats (modified)
- Hardware; Big Dog and Gibraltar
- Heads; Remo

Hope you're all well,

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