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Default Re: What's the process for selling on ebay?

You're getting the idea. Say I'm running an auction, for a kick drum. Took my 4-5 pictures alweady, and have the drum packed, measured, and weighed. What's the shipping gonna be? I give a ballpark figure. I live in California, so I usually use a New York zip for calculations. Only because I know a New York zip offhand, and it's the other end of the country. I figure anywhere in between, I'll be safe.
Now, as far as you getting $7+ back from that shipper, I wouldn't push the issue. For one thing, you have a shipping charge, and then you have a handling charge. It costs me "almost nothing" if I have a box already at home, and 4 bags of packing peanuts saved up. But if I have to buy a box, and buy bubble wrap/peanuts.......another story. Shipping items can add up quick.
So, all in all, to keep my blood pressure low, I take a laissez-faire attitude. If I sell and item for $200, and I underestimate shipping by $20, I look on the bright side. I still have $180 in my pocket, that I didn't have the day before. And on the "other hand", if I "make" a few dollars on shipping, that helps to offset those times that I was "under".
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