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Default Re: What's the process for selling on ebay?

Originally Posted by Rene Dominguez View Post
One last thing I wanted to mention was I just recently bought a drum off ebay and when I got it, the box had the postage sticker on it and it reads, $16.88. But the listing read shipping was $24,50. So I'm wondering, is it the sellers responsibility to send me the remainder of the money not used on shipping back into my paypal account? Can I contact the seller if they haven't said anything yet? What if the tables turn?
The seller is not responsible to pay you the difference in this case. They also had to pay for packing materials and take the time to ship it. If the listing said $24.50 then you were obligated to pay that.

I've sold lots on ebay and how I do it is just come up with one fixed price I'm willing to pay to ship the item within the continental US. (Not sure where you're selling from.) Sometimes I pay less or more than that, but it's easier to me than messing with shipping calculators. I just factor that into the final price I list the item at. I usually use USPS to ship. (NOTE: I have not sold any really large items. Watch out for extra shipping charges on big box dimensions, regardless of weight.)

Also, I don't mess with reserves. I just start the price at the lowest I'm willing to accept. It always goes up.
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