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Default Re: What's the process for selling on ebay?

Harry, so if I understand you correctly, ebay, FedEx, USPS and UPS calculators all do the same thing,(Which is provide you info on how much it costs to ship something based on the destinations location and the size and weight of the box) right? I tried out both the ebay and UPS calculator and both seem to work the same way.

The only thing is I was/am under the impression that ebay's calculator shows someone how much it costs to ship to them based on their location, when they look at a listing. I thought a site like UPS only provided you with this info once you knew where the location was, so thats why I asked if there were any other options other than ebay's calculator for giving potential buyers shipping rates. Also, I didn't think you would recommend I use a shipping info site, since you said they can be inaccurate. If I"m under the wrong impression about any of this, please clarify for me.

One last thing I wanted to mention was I just recently bought a drum off ebay and when I got it, the box had the postage sticker on it and it reads, $16.88. But the listing read shipping was $24,50. So I'm wondering, is it the sellers responsibility to send me the remainder of the money not used on shipping back into my paypal account? Can I contact the seller if they haven't said anything yet? What if the tables turn?

Sorry for any of the confusion on my part.
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