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Default Re: Being there on your own.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Whaaattt??? I WAS BEING SERIOUS!!!

... almost :-P

If I see shows it will only be by myself if whomever was meeting there doesn't show (this happens to ppl who don't have a life).

I get too bored during the breaks and the only men who try to crack onto me at those times tend to slur and dribble. Going with friends is also good when you want a drink or attend a call of nature because you don't lose your table/spot.

I think it's best to go with other musicians or serious music fans because, as Caddy said, other people keep interrupting when you're trying to listen.
Well that sucks if someone didn't meet you but i'm sure that's probably their problem rather than yours.

Hmm as for reserving a place sure it works sometimes but not really if your mates are in the mosh pit, you still have to scramble your way through sweaty 6 foot odd males in order to get back to where you were before. And you've also touched upon an interesting point as it seems that all my friends (which is literally about 4 or 5 people lol) are pretty keen on music and aren't too bad on the old instruments themselves. So that's good i guess.
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