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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Hey John!

Great that you had a look at this and commented. This is a real honour for me since you are one of my drumming heros and I've spent countless hours working on your books and your transcriptions (especially Picture 3).
I started drums with a teacher who actually was one of your students in New York (which is a real big thing for a kid from the german hinterland): Hans Fickelscher. Maybe you remember him, he spent one year in NYC many years ago and studied with Pierre Favre later on. He got me started on drums with Syncopation and Stick Control and went to your books from there - I really feel that I owe everything that I have ever learnt about drumming to him and through the books I worked out of also to you. So thank you for writing them!

About the "1": I really wasn't sure about that the whole time through. Actually, I've changed that quite a few times and even thought that the whole thing might be in 5 or 7 or some other odd meter.

Like you, I think some things make more sense, if my 2 would be the 1. On the other hand, he ends and starts some phrases where I decided to put the 1, especially in the end and the beginning (the part which is cut out on YouTube).

To make it short: I had no idea and even thought about writing this out without a real meter... but I had to decide for one thing and this could as well be wrong. Maybe I should offer two different versions of this, so everybody can go what he feels better with.

Once again: Thanks a ton for this comment and for having a look at that piece of work. I'm really happy for all input.

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