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Basically I use the old vintage Sonor hi hat stands because no one makes a hit hat stand that doesn't flop around like a salmon out of water. With all the adjustments on stands nowadays, how about one that doesn't move when you pump 8th notes with you foot? I think that would be a great idea. So, any '85-'95 Phonic, Phonic Plus, Protec or Signature hi hat stands does the trick for me. Pearl knows this, and knows I use a legless Signature on the road. Even Sonor doesn't make 'em like that anymore......not even close. So that's my deal there. As far as Pete's link......I have many friends who are custom builders and I'd have to list everybody, and that's not a great thing for me to do. I think the pics in the collection speak for themselves. But Pete is a genius. His work is simply off the charts. And he's one of the nicest guys on the planet. As always, thanks a lot!


Thanks for your enthusiastic kind words. They are greatly appreciated!

You know, I answer a few of your questions and break down some of the things is "Tears" as well as some 19/16 & 21/16 in my dvd "Methods and Mechanics"......available direct to your door from us:

That would explain my thoughts more than I ever could here, but you have to hear the pattern within the pattern. You get comfortable with a certain rhythmic shape....and everything can be broken down into groups of 2s and 3s. You get to the point where you don't count at all (as you do when learning it) but you internalize the rhythmic shape. Then you can experiment with different groups of 3s and 2s to improvise some other ideas. Again, I recommend getting the dvd. The odd time section is on disc 2.

As far as recording goes, I've done plenty of "no click" sessions. The new Brian Wilson record I'm doing has been full rhythm section live with no click. But most sessions have click for more reasons that just solid time. In today's digital world when files are emailed from one player to the next, the tracks have to line up on the grid for the various recording software systems. So most times a click is needed whether it's wanted or not. And then if your running time code or synching music to picture it's helpful too. Make sense?

Thanks again, man.

Cheers from Huntington, WV

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