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Default Re: Being there on your own.

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I used to go and see shows by myself all the time. I got tired of going to see shows, only to be watching the show and have my date want my attention the whole time when I'm trying to watch the band (which is what I went there and paid money to do).

No worries. It only gets lonely between bands or sets, and there should be plenty to do; take a walk around the venue, read the scrawlings in the bathroom stalls, check out the merch booth/table, scope out someone wearing a shirt of another band that you like (represent!) and strike up a conversation, etc... In case all else fails, bring a book!
Haha i know what you mean. The last time i went to this particular venue in question my mate said he could come only to then tell me he wasn't going on the actual day in question. So we got desperate and ended up having to ask the other friend who was going, his girlfriend. Anyway they just sort of oogled each other all night. Which was annoying but i enjoyed it nontheless. Also the toilets are a bit small but it's the sort of place where if you go in there you might catch one of the band members having a wee. I certainly did. He left the tap on though so i had to turn it off. Rockstars!

As for the stuff about ex-girlfriends, well that sucks. Obviously it's nice to spend time with your girlfriend but you shouldn't have to be forced to pay for them to go if they're not going to like the band.
I have these silly fantasies of meeting maybe a nice girl at one of these shows but of course that's not going to happen because it's just not the sort of thing you're supposed to do really. Plus it's in york which is a bit far for me right now. Not that i'm doing anything.
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