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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

How's the road treating you?

I was wondering: I understand that you have a -let's say- special relationship with your Signature stand. That statement of yours caught my attention. It's clearly a personal thing between you and the stand...if you don't mind me saying so :)
No really...I too like to surround myself with things that are familiar and comfortable. Old habits, maybe a little nostalgic. But I got an inkling that there are some special technical features that frequently make you play and appreciate that older Sonor-Model. It looks like a pretty solid stand. Three legs, fairly large board, no gimmicks, no jokes....

It'd be great if you shared some details with us, Todd! I totally understand if this is too personal, though!

Oh thing: Visiting your website I recognized that your link-list is incomplete :) bold of me isn't it?
No...I think it would be cool if Pete's link would be there too. It'd fit right in hence you have his drums on display in your studio-section. What do you think, Todd? ...I myself instantly fell for Pete's incredibly well crafted instruments. I think there's not enough people out there to learn about his shop

Thanks for your time, Todd!
Cheers from rainy Bavaria

P.S. Sorry to see the "let's M&M things up a little"-thing didn't catch...but well.
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