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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...


After some serious Computer problems, some heavy giggin with my band, setting up my own drum-recording studio (more about that later, after I got some sleep), whilst preparing to open my own drumschool......

I decided to sit down some more nights and transcribe some stuff. I had a real hard time with some of the craziness happening, but I'm pretty positve that the outcome is fairly precise. I'll take a closer look on it when I have gotten some sleep.

So without any further delay, here is JoJo Mayers "Performance 1" transcribed in detail with all the little gimmicks and blablabla. I hope someone will have a go on this one.... OK, I'll drop all the talking for now. I'll be back here tomorrow to post some more info and to answer possible questions. I'll try to get Bernhard to host the video here and put this to the clinic section as well...

For now: have fun, enjoy, don't get depressed that you can't play as fast as JoJo.

(sorry - the beginning is missing on YouTube.... get the DVD for that matter. You should own that DVD anyway :) )
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