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Default Re: Being there on your own.

I almost always go to shows by myself.

I got tired of going to see a favorite band, and dragging someone along who maybe wasn't a huge fan, and then after seeing a fantastic show, my friends going "yeah, it was OK.. .."
It was a huge let down to be all pumped from a show, and have my buddy just drag me down because he didn't enjoy it as much as I did.

Or worse, I'd use to have an ex-girlfriend who insisted on going to every show with me, regardless if she was a fan or not. Which meant buying two tickets to everything, even if she clearly spent no time on her own ever listening to the band in question. That got supper annoying spending all the extra money just so she could say she was there, when she wasn't into the band.

So after that ended, I said screw it, I'm going to see who I like, regardless of anyone else.

And then I met my wife, she has the same feelings on the subject. We go to the shows we like independently of each other, and if we both want to see a particular show, then we go together.
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