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Default Re: Help with an academic issue

I have a PhD in anthropology. I teach part-time at several universities in SoCal, but the market for full-time professors in anthropology is saturated. The good ones do get teaching jobs, so if you are considering teaching, plan on doing well as an undergraduate and then attending one of the top anthro departments for a PhD. those would include UCLA , Michigan, Harvard, Yale, Texas, Chicago, Berkeley, Penn or Pittsburgh. I work as an archaeologist for the Forest Service and it is a really good job with excellent benefits. If you major in anthro, consider alternatives other than teaching.

For example, you might consider applied emphasis in that might lead to doing human relations for a major corporation...

If archaeology is your thing, then an MA will qualify you to work in well paying jobs doing what is called Cultural Resource Management.

All this being said, I'd stay with a double major..there are so many college grads that write poorly. A degree in journalism may help you be a bettter anthropologist; one that can write and speak well.

PS: A bachelor's degree in anthro with an emphsis in archaeology (including a field school) will qualify you to work as an Archeological Field Technician for between $18-25 an hour. A minimum of a masters degree is needed to make a good living these days.
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