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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

Hummm: Differing guitars: Strat. vs. Les Paul. Listen to Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler and his Strat on signature Dire Straits tunes--only a Strat can sound like that. Strats are used more by blues and rock/blues musicians. Jimmy page likes Les Paul--it gives a harder, heavier sound--more appropriate for Led Zeppelin's prototype heavy metal....

Yeah--guitars sound different from each other--humbucker vs. coil, solid body vs. hollow or semi-hollow body, differing woods and wood quality. The great guys here are right--you need to try out different electric guitars with a critical and open mind.

As is true with every other instrument in music, different quality instruments each have their place--with their peculiar advantages and limitations. Amps and pedals (and, now, software) certainly add a huge influence on sound. Also, you may "mod" your instrument with different after-market pickups and hardware. With all the differing sounds and capabilities, your decisions are really complex--don't beat yourself up too much if you don't get it completely right at first--you probably can't. Although the people here and elsewhere will prove really helpful, you can't garner total consensus from others on what's "right" for you. You'll likely make incremental changes as you gain experience. It may even be that you may first choose a guitar that's easier to learn on: Later on, you may purchase one that better fits expertise....

People are absolutely right about practicing: Get your fingers used to chords and electric strings--there's no way around it! You have to depend on chords becoming second nature. I'd like to say to get a really good quality instrument that's adjusted for easy action so that your fingers won't suffer so much. (Some people develop really strong fingers: So, they choose thick strings--adjusting them so they're high off the frets--giving a heavy action. Not all people do this, however.)
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