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I love Dunbar's drumming, very versatile blues, rock, jazz with great time, feel and his career is huge, played with the greats = Mayal, Zappa, Bowie, Reed to name just a few and some of his near misses are even bigger, meaning he was in line for such drumming slots as The Beatles (he's from Liverpool), The Experience and Zepplin. The Experience was a flip of a coin but Chas Chandler has expressed some regrets over the outcome. He was also the most in demand highest paid session player through much of the 70's. He is my favorite Zappa drummer next being the combo Thomson-Humphreys-Underwood but Anysley is a power house and held so much on his own and he's cool too, plays with style, power, grace with great solid beats and inventive signature fills. Am I a fan, yes and is he over looked? I think he is a professional that keeps a low profile and works hard and is in the hearts of many. He has been the motor behind so much music we have all heard through the air waves and if one of those near misses had paid off then he would be perhaps a household name. We should all be so lucky to have his ability and career but there is only one Anysley Dunbar.
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