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Default Re: What's the process for selling on ebay?

Originally Posted by Rene Dominguez View Post
Harry, why are shipping services and ebay's calculator's sometimes inaccurate? Do you know?
Scale error, human error, Murphy's Law. I've had times when I was right on the money (or very close) and times when I was off by $10 or $20.

Originally Posted by Rene Dominguez View Post
So, if I don't use ebay's calculator, what other options do I have in providing potential buyers with shipping rate info based on where they live? Thanks.
Well, as I stated before "You can box the item, weigh it, and measure it, and use an on-line shipping info site (UPS, FedEx. and the USPS all have those)." You can use all 3, and then put the most expensive rate in your auction. The actual shipping charge does not appear on the FedEx or UPS box. I've done the deal enough, to know that finding a box, packing material, buying tape, driving to the UPS store (or wherever), standing in line, can burn up a good part of your morning or afternoon. It's a very "inexact" science.
In case you get a potential buyer who thinks your shipping charge is too high, I usually tell them this. "That's what my calculations come out to. If I'm way off, I have your address, I'll send you a partial refund on the shipping". I've never had to do that yet. On the other hand, I shipped a concert marimba, quoted the cat $400 shipping.....actually cost me $600 to ship, and I took the hit on the chin. I figured I was making $2500 on the sale, $2300 still wasn't bad, for a days work.
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