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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Look what I found in my storage room! I bought this new in Jan of '94 for $545. I played it for maybe 2 yrs before I washed it with car wash soap and a diaper soft cloth. I waxed it, metal polished the hardware and then packed it away in it's original packaging until a week ago. I just decided to take it out for a check up. It was like opening a time capsule after 13 yrs, and it looks like the day I put it away. I never wiped my drums with anything but a feather duster back then until washed/waxed once a yr. the packing label is there--says 2-21-94.

Thinking about ebaying this one since I've two others just like it from the same year. I wonder if it would sell better with other drums or as a solo?
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