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Originally Posted by RollingStone000 View Post
Word around the interweb is he's not doing the gig anymore. Bad news for us Volta fans (who were hip to the Pridgen "era" stuff i.e. it's a contentious topic; who's their better drummer). From what I've been able to find and if my chronology of events is correct. They did a show (their "actual" last show) in Charlotte, N.C. on the 22nd, cancelled the Raleigh show scheduled for the next night during sound check (apparently Pridgen and Zavala got into it), Pridgen got in a cab and left. And Omar, Juan, and Thomas were supposed to play at the Key Club in Hollywood for an event for Bass Player magazine. Pridgen didn't show so Gene Coye filled in. He's apparently removed a bunch of people from his Face Book page as well (not quite sure what the hell that's supposed to mean).

Anymore info on this from any of you cats would be much appreciated, I'd hate to find out that this is true.
Geez he was just on youtube talking about his grammy and how much fun he was having with those guys.

Things change pretty fast I guess...
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