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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Tutin
I saw some videos of Buddy soloing yesterday and to be honest (I know I'll probably get a slagging for this) but it just seemed to be constant speed, really fast rolls and no real groove. Impressive but very repetetive. The one handed roll is quite impressive.

Hopefully no one rips you for making an observation base on SOME videos. However, Buddy has 60 years of material to listen to. Trust me when I say, the man can grove.

Buddy was more that just solos. He was about the music and his part in an arrangement. His timing was flawless, his fills were right for the song, and he drove the band. (and I don't mean the bus)

Listen to and watch as much as you can. If you get a chance watch the Jazz Legends DVD of Buddy. The opening solo shows his hand technique and his hand foot coordination at an impressive speed.

In the Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival DVD, his brushwork on Brush Strokes has a nice grove and his cymbal solo on West Side Story shows technique and touch.

Keep your ears and eyes open when listening to and watching Buddy. There is always something to discover in his playing.
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