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Default Re: What's the process for selling on ebay?

Figuring out shiping can be a real pain. You can box the item, weigh it, and measure it, and use an on-line shipping info site (UPS, FedEx. and the USPS all have those). But those sometimes are inaccurate. eBay also has a "calculate shipping" feature. That too, can be inaccurate. Then there's the method you mentioned. That works great, if you don't mind making multiple trips to the UPS store.
Since this is a drummers forum, I'll "assume" you're selling/shipping a drum. Use any "price finding" method of your choice, and double check it with eBay auctions currently running, with the same, or similar items. When I see someone with a "mildly" inflated shipping charge, no big deal. Hey, I've packed and shipped whole drum kits before. It can be a real pain. I begrudge no one, if they make a few bucks.
I always stipulate buyer contacts me within' 3 days and payment within' 7 days. Some cats request "little or no feedback" people to contact them before bidding simply to figure out if someone's legit, or not. I've had my run in's with a few "or not's". Time wasters, is all they are.
Since this is your first venture, I'd suggest restrict your auction to buyers within' the US. You have more control. Personally, I don't ship outside the US, ever, anymore. Been there, did that, don't need to do it any more. My game, my rules.
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