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Default Re: Top 10 Guitar Solos

I can't come up with a whole 10 at the drop of a hat, but I can't wait to post either. so...

1) Robert Fripp in Eno's "Baby's on Fire": a huge, long, loud, full of reverb, fuzz and EBow effing orgy of a solo.

2) Robert Fripp again in Eno's "St. Elmo's Fire": Nuff said...

3) Andy Partridge on XTC's "Love at First Sight": he starts playing this distorted chord on the quarter notes, and then keeps playing the same chord but picking up the tempo until he's wildly strumming, and that's it!

4) The two country-tinged back-to-back solos at the end on CAKE's "Walk on By". (There's like 6 guitarists on that album, so I'm not sure who takes the solos.) The first 8 bars are on guitar and the second 8 on the slide steel. One (two) of the most amazing, beautiful solos in the history of the guitar!!!!!

I'm sure I have a few thousand others I think are brilliant, but my brain doesn't do random-access mode very well. Probably I think of more tomorrow or next week or driving to work or taking a cr*p or something. That's usually when I remember things....
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