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Default Re: Bill Stewart's Snare & Setup

Originally Posted by bjparadiddle View Post
Bill is a terrific drummer. However, it might behoove you guys to quit focusing on his gear and put all that energy into trying to find the key to his greatness, groove, technique. Once Bill was established and well-known, THEN he got all the great snares and drums. I'm sure he owned some raggedy traps when he was starting out. Study Bill's music. Find out who he studied with. See if you can find the key to his talent, and use it in developing your own. Hell, if you play really, really, well, you might end up a pro who has all that good gear given to him.
BJ: For your information, this is the Gear section of the forum, and this is why we are talking about Bill's setup and snares. Despite your condescending tone and massive assumptions, many of us are quite aware of technique and groove issues and the crucial role that such knowledge plays in developing one's self as a player--and many of us have discussed these issues in the "Drummers" and "Drum Technique" sections of the forum. I think quite a few of us have also been studying Bill's music and playing for quite some time and have researched who he studied with, where he studied music at school, etc. In short, we are quite aware of the importance of technique and instrument mastery as a key to good playing. I don't think anyone here is under the impression that getting Bill's bronze Ludwig snare, for example, is suddenly going to make our playing sound like his or is the sole explanation behind his sound and style.

Nothing in this thread, in my opinion, was meant to suggestion that gear in and of itself will give a player Bill's sound or talent. Some of us enjoy talking about gear, finding out what a player used on a specific recording, discovering the ins and outs of how particular drums are made, sound, look, etc. That is the point of the Gear section of this site: it is a place where we can talk about our simple love of drums and drool over drums with no shame, if we so choose.

I apologize in advance for being rather direct in my response, but it might behoove you to think about the section of the site in which you are posting next time and the tone/assumptions you present toward others.
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