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Default Re: Top 10 Guitar Solos

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Yes and yes. One of my top favourite Zappa solos is on the outro of the Zoot Allures title track, although it's always pained me that that's about the only Zappa track ever to involve a fade out during a solo, grrrr. (If anyone has a bootleg of the entire studio out-takes from Zoot Allures please get in touch). Frank's playing on Watermelon in Easter Hay is monstrous as well.
I have heard Frank smoke the fretboard on alot of songs and in concert (I saw the 200 Motels Tour back in the day, lol). But my favorite guitar song he ever did was "Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace". Not so much from technical complexity or speed, but just pure pleasure to the ears.
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