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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

After I retired, completing 30 years as a museum curator, I started a heritage conservation consulting business. I was looking for a business name and one winter morning I was looking out my kitchen window into pasture below my house. In the middle of the pasture was a coyote rustling up a meal by digging in the snow. The cold morning light, as it was racking across the snow, threw a blue light on the animal. It actually looked blue in color. Suddenly I had my business name and my user name for the forum that I partipate in. Thus I have been the bluecoyote ever since. Oddly enough blue is my favorite color so I was an easy fit.

When I was a kid, my friends called me "Cornhole" because of my first name, but I did not think that that was suitable for a user name!

I've said some things sober that make no sense when I'm drunk.
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