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Default Spooky practice places

I thought this would be an appropriate time of the year to post this. Back in the '90s I played in a Rush/Journey tribute band. We rented a room to practice in from my bass players uncle. It was an upstairs room over a fairly large flower shop and a few other stores.

Upstairs was divided up into several small rooms that a few other bands rented out to practice in and was used for storage. Of course there was a story that someone was killed up there and the place was haunted. We couldn't practice till after 6 pm when the flower shop closed so we would only practice in the evenings. That building made all kinds of weird noises.

At the time I was working 2nd shift (3pm-11pm) and I was a bachelor so after work I would go over there and practice a couple of nights a week by myself. The bathroom in this place was in a storage room halfway down the hall that the flower shop put all of their funeral wreath frames in. These were set up all over this room. So that always set the mood when you walked into this room. To get in the bathroom you had to walk almost the length of the room and make a 180 degree turn to go into the bathroom. I always expected to see a dead body or something in there. Luckily I never did.

Not being very well educated on hearing protection I often played without any and you know when you play a while and you stop that your ears are ringing and you hear all sorts of sounds. Well I often did up there. It really was a spooky place.

Any spooky or haunted practice space stories out there?
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