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Default Re: Top 10 Guitar Solos

Top ten guitar solos in no particular order apart from the order that I published them in:

John Petrucci Guitar Solo - Dream Theater (listed as a song in an album, so technical)
The light that blinds - Shadows Fall (teh speed picking is speedy)
A fire in babylon - Shadows Fall (awesome)
Smoke on the water - Deep Purple (just so "progy")
Jambi - Tool (almost minimalist...uses talk box effects)
Bulls on parade - Rage against the machine (vinyl stratch effects on electric guitar)
Lonely Day - System of a down (intricate and by System)
Into the cold wastes - Abigail Williams (black metal minus vocals, ie. instrumental)
Through the fire and the flames - Dragonforce (guitar solo times 2)
"That harsh, heavy and violent song by Meshuggah" (crap that's all of them)
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