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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

Thanks for your quick response! You're right. 1997 seems like a long time ago to me too. It's just that I am now about the age you were back then and I ask myself "where am I in my life?"...I chose a different path but drumming is and has always been very important to me.

It's my heartbeat. And it's stronger than ever, thanks to M&M :)

Speaking of which: I'd like to invite every TS fan to a little experiment. Todd was once asked to pick three words to describe his style. Well I would like to challenge you to describe M&M and what it means to you in two words (They don't necessarily have to be alliterative) ...

I'll start: My "M&M" is: "Musical & Multivious"

Have a quiet time at home, Todd
Cheers from Bavaria
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