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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by Ainulindale View Post
what else says something is that no one has a better passer rating in the 4th quarter than Kyle Orton - not Eli, not Brady, not Palmer and not Favre - in the 4th quarter Kyle Orton is the best quarterback in the league, really...
Touche, but Brady, Palmer, Eli and Favre have earned it over a number of years not the past 6 games so that argument has no weight what so ever because no one asks who has the best 4th qtr #'s in the last 6 games and then says that person is the best qb in the league.

Also now cedric Benson is running wild in Cinncy and he did squat in Chicago, so that adds to their possibly being something wrong with the bears system. I think it's time for a new Head coach IMO.
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