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Default Re: WOW, One year already?

Originally Posted by Concrete Pete View Post
Hey Crewsters,

Man, I can't believe that this Wednesday, the 28th will be the mark of ONE YEAR that I've subscribed to Drummerworld!?!?!?!
I noticed that the tagline below my name says "Senior Member", and I was wondering if that was due my being 52 years old, or what!?!?!? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, haaahaa)

All that aside, I really have to thank both Drummerworld, and all the good and kind members here that have inspired me to further pursue percussion, have given me huge insights, technical support, and more info than I could have ever hoped for. The cameraderie is killer, too!

To everyone here, a big THANK YOU, may the Good Lord bless you and yours, and remember--ROCK FOREVER!

My sincere appreciation,
Concrete Pete
Very nice from you and God bless you too.

ROCK FOREVER!...that's a good one. Reminds me, Hell Bent For Leather album By Judas Priest.

Take care,
The back of beyond ...
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