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Default Re: Wanting to soundproof a room!

If you do some reading you'll quickly find there is no inexpensive way to soundproof a room. What is your budget anyway?

If you want to go low budget, your best option is to use extra heavy moving blankets to absorb sound and kill bouncing sound waves. I had a lot of success with the following:

1. Build a free standing "clothes rack" style frame around the perimiter of the room using 3" PVC pipe. Make it about 7 feet tall. It's cheap and easy to simply cut, glue and plug together with T's and 90 degree elbows. I built mine for less than $150 for a room that is about 15x12.

2. Find a moving company that will sell you used heavy duty moving blankets cheap. I bought 20 blankets at $5.00 each from a guy that was quiting his moving business. I thin they run about $20/ea new? Anyway .. take your blankets and sew them together in pairs along one edge so you can drape them over the PVC frame and have a "double wall" blanket wall on all 4 sides of the room. You can also use thick carpet if you can't get th blankets but I think the blankets will work better.

3. Use soundboard (purchased at home depot) wrapped in foam rubber to fill any window areas. Make sure it's a snug tight fit with no gaps. Shove the foam in tight around all 4 sides and it will hold it in place and work well.

4. If you don't have a solid core door then buy one. Use thick weather stripping in the door jam and get one of those thisk door draft deals for the bottom. Again, try to eliminate any gaps and make sure the door seals tight when closed.

Total investment should be around $300 and you will really be pleased with the results. It won't soundproof it but your family will still be able to watch television while you play.
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