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Default Re: Art and Music

Good to see the artists coming out of the woodwork!

MFB, interesting about the synaesthesia. It reminds me of an Evelyn Glennis.vid I saw recently. In her case, sound was felt through her body. With each of you there seems a stronger emphasis on sound and less on the lines played than with most people.

Odd that sound seems to be experienced more intensely when filtered though other senses. You'd think our ears would cover all the bases. It seems like a left brain / right brain thing. Maybe the other senses block some of the mental static?

Cartooning is my thing, which is reflective of my music choices. There's a certain non-sophistication that really does it for me. I like a few rough edges. It's as though, emotionally, I feel there's a law of diminishing returns after music or art becomes "slick enough". After a certain point, the focus on slickness overtakes the expression of that "inner stuff" that I enjoy most.

Same with cartooning. I'd take Gary Larson's Far Side over Rober Crumb any day, even though the latter is a far better artist.

Ken, the 60s would have been my thing. Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and The Beatles and Jimi and Janis and Ginsberg and the other crazy people. Not much quality control but a great vibe and some real creative gems. The noughties are a far more conventional, practical time. Maybe next decade will be the next exciting, creative time? (a girl can hope)

Thaard baaby and Eddie, so you can draw?? I knew you were good guys :)

One thing I like about 'toons is that at least my toons get published rather than langishing in rehearsal rooms and occasionally popping their little heads out into the real world - unlike my drumming.

It's fun getting some ridiculous idea and watching the idiocy blossom in front of you as you go. When I have a good thing happening I'll sit here creating some stupid drawing, chuckling away like a mad woman :)

However, as Stan said, there's direct interaction with music. Cartooning can't replace that. Also, the experience of sound and taking part in creating that sound is special. When it comes to enjoying a life experience safely (most times) and without insane personal complications (most times - lol) then playing music beats just about everything IMO
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