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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
IMO a thread about Simon Phillips isn't complete without mentioning his work on 801 Live with Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno.

His power, energy, tightness and speed was awesome on East of Asteroid ( from that album, which was a mashup of Phil's East of Echo and Quiet Sun's Mummy Was an Asteroid, Daddy Was a Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil (yes, that's what it was called :)

It's hard not to like a guy who can not only do the "herd of stampeding elephants" double kick thing and super smooth grace notes.

As a side note, Quiet Sun was an experimental project of Phil M's while he was still with Roxy and featured the excellent Charles Hayward on kit and Bill McCormack on bass.
OMG! This was one of the albums that got me drumming way back when. Stunning finesse and power - I was just listening to this the other day with an old friend (TNK). I am so glad you mentioned this - thank you!

I have been working on some grooves that are inspired by Simon's playing. It has got me open-handed and like a fish out of water... I really like when he plays an ostinato on the hat with left hand, accents around toms w/ right hand, then seamlessly switches to right hand on hat (same exact ostinato), left accenting drums to the left of his hat.

I am trying to develop my weaker side (left) and use some of his sticking. It's like deep tissue massage: painful to do but I like how I feel afterwards.
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