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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

How are you?

Quick question from an average TS-emulator: Do you remember what snare you played on your "Fox After Breakfast" performance with Styx in '97. I took a close look at your snare wall..but couldn't find it there. Or at least I'm not sure. It sounded great. Crisp and powerful! ...

You know, Todd I've gotten so much out of M&M so copy is actually starting to wear out. It gave my drumming a real boost. Can't say that often enough!...Also I watch your '96 performance over and over, up and down, back and's ALL very educational to me. You REALLY know how to apply that stuff you teach on M&M. Pocket.....Period.

Sorry about my rambling....please think about that snare-thing, Todd!

Thanks and stay healthy,
from Bavaria

P.S. People, go get M&M...For crying out loud..
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