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Default My Tamburo Original stave set(s)

Since I will probably be able to start playing again and I could collect most of my material previously stored at a friendís place, I thought it could be of some interest to present my Tamburo Original maple stave set.

In 1991 I bought the set you can see in the first five pictures: 16 x 18 BD, 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 13 x 13 & 14 x 14 TT (all suspended) and a matching 6.5 x 14 SD. With the exception of the 8 tom, all drums, which are very thin, have reinforcing rings. The set was built by Tullio Granatello (Tamburoís founder) and all drums come from the same tree. The hardware is old Yamaha. As you can see, the toms have no RIMS (they were not usual at the beginning of the nineties), but I can assure you that the set is extremely powerful with lots of sustain and beautiful low end (to be honest, I know people who do not like very much the Tamburo Original sound because in their opinion it is too precise!). I think that despite its age (soon 20 years old!), the kit still looks very modern, classy and ... original (sorry but I cannot find another word).

These first five pictures actually present the two different setups I usually used: the first one with two toms on the BD, two floor toms on the right and one tom on the left, and the second with three front toms and two floor toms on the right.

A couple of years ago I came across a 4.25 x 14 SD which I found on e-Bay USA. This snare drum, which is presented in another thread (, reveales to better adapt to the relatively small dimension of the other shells. Then, recently, I found a 16 x 22 BD on an Italian site for trading musical instruments, and since the seller did live not very far from where I live, I decided to have a look at it. Tamburo Original 22 BD are relatively unusual and difficult to find, so I thought this was a one time opportunity to expand the sonic possibilities of my kit. Actually, when I saw it I was quite disappointed: the drum was nearly new, but the construction quality did not match the one of my old set. I guess the drum was built right before Tullio Granatello sold the brand to Proel, and I think it was not built by Tullio himself. In fact, the staves are not perfectly matched and glued, and I wanted to stop the deal even before trying it. Nevertheless, since I made the trip I decided to play the kick a little bit, and whow, it did not look very nice but all the beauty of the Original typical sound was there! So I bought it, and I am now trying to see how I can use it.

Pictures 6 and 7 show two different possibilities: a typical rock set or an expanded double bass set. Actually, in all the setups presented below I had to play a little bit with hardware (I still have some stands, pedals and cymbals stored at a friendís place), but I think the results of the experiment are relatively clear.

Should anyone be interested, I can post more pictures.

P.S.: by the way, Tullio Granatello founded a new brand - Volume Drums - which I hope will re-issue the unique old Tamburo Original:
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