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I'm a visual artist and a jazz musician. I've even sold some of my works years ago when more fully obsessed with. When I have travelled in the past or the present I make a point of heading to every major gallery depending on the city or town to spend my off time taking in visual art from works of the great masters to surrealism to unknown works from very talented regionally known artist. Last trip to London I stayed for home base for further travels out of London at the London School of Economics which is DIRECTLY behind the Tate Modern. Hit it EVERY day and unearthed some new treasures I missed on each previous visit. Amazing place and collection!

As far as the musical side of it some of us got into into it and were attracted to the music first and play for the pure honest love of doing it and have fortunately {for some of us} been able to make a career out of doing it. Never got into it from a commerce geared mindset standpoint but its gone that way by hard work and a bit of luck which has been great.

Main difference between the two expressions is that one being the visual artist is a very singular on your own focused way of life involving the never ending process of observation/reflection and solitude coming through in the final artistic expression for any given medium of choice. For music its for me more about learning to develope relationships with others in a ensemble situation to get that certain level of artistic expression you want to achieve out. Both are independent forms of artistic expression but share some similarities at least for me such as form, composition, improvisation and taking risk and chances to name a few for the end work in either of the two expressions in question.

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