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Default Re: Art and Music

Stockhausen said about 9/11 that is was the greatest work of art the work have ever seen.

Where does the insanity end? I loved Stockhausen so that quote ended it for me.

Wagner believed his music dramas were more real than life itself because where as any moment of any ones like would be here and gone, seeing his dramas would be a moment that would be continually shared by millions of people through history. That's where it began. :)

Polly, you should have been born in NY and grew up during the days of Lou Reed, Merce Cunningham, George Maciunas, Patti Smith, Jim Carroll, Meredith Monk, Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore and Suzanne Vega.

The line between art and life is thin . In performance art it is even thinner. because it is a real experience, it is what is happening in your life when you see it. At some point doesn't one needs to separate fact from fiction and tv from reality?
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