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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Polly, it comes down to naivete. I like to compose music as if it was the first time I'd ever composed anything. It's why I don't tend to compose with traditional instruments any more (my last composition was for 'people and microphone' - I'll talk about it with you, it is quite complex). I find being set free from the expectations of what people 'want to' hear is what sets this apart from more 'conventional' musical forms in which I KNOW I'm not a good song writer. I can occasionally write a pretty decent song, but I'm a much stronger composer - and I know that for a fact.

It also lets you get out a new canvas. Being an instrumentalist is great until you get bored of your instrument. I always get bored of instruments (except the 'Cello, which I absolutely adore) so I look for ways to 'get around' the expectations. If somebody picks up a Les Paul, I expect them to start playing Zeppelin riffs - but I don't want to hear that, I want to hear something different.

In my case, a bass guitar put through four stages of downward and upward pitch shifting. I think in colour and texture, not sound (I have mild synaesthesia) and in terms of motions rather than notes. Sometimes it literally feels like I am waving a brush over a canvas - and I LOVE that feeling. In fact, I love throwing brushes over canvases, I'm just not very good at it.

A lot of my work on this is on acousmastic listening. That is, when you can't see the source (Pythagoras lectured from behind a curtain for five years). In my case, I don't want my listeners to necessarily identify the source so that they become free of associations they may have with it. The listener becomes as naive as me.
All very interesting mfb but i dunno if you realise this but i think there are a lot of people especially musically oriented people who think of notes as being colour and texture. I bet most of the people on here think of colours when you mention a particular note and a texture if you give them a particular timbre like a guitar sound or something. They even had it on an episode of QI. Syntheasisia is when you actually see the colours or words when you hear the music.
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