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Default Clive Burr

I have found some discussion of Clive in numerous threads, but none dedicated solely to his playing. I have recently been woodshedding about 20 Maiden tunes for an Up the Irons style tribute show. During a recent practice my bandmates brought up the "who's better, Clive or Nicko" argument. Though I think Nicko is a great and unique drummer, I prefer the Clive-era Maiden. Always influential in my own playing, I have only recently begun to understand Clive's unique contribution to the band. The lightning fast right hand, the creative fills, inventive intros and solid beats drive the first three albums. I have yet to see anyone that can properly play the one-handed 16th note pattern in Wrathchild all the way through the song, including Nicko. I'm happy when I see his name mentioned by guys like Ulrich, Lombardo and Bittner as an influence. I'm just curious if he'll ever he gets his due from the general public as the incredibly influential drummer I believe he is.

For you Nicko lovers, I love his playing, but personally think he blew his load on his first two recordings with the band. I just don't see a lot of new stuff happening after Powerslave.

Clive is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis and will never play at the level he did in the early 80's again. Too bad, I would have liked to see a Nicko vs Clive showdown.


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