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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Why should I go see him play? That is the question. There are so many great players out there without the name. I'd like to hear a little more of that free style in the beginning of the clip you shared on the previous one. The interview really isn't interesting to me. I've heard Simon speak before and he doesn't much that interests me.

You do need to immerse yourselves in the tradition to really do something with the music, and I am wondering if this is what Simon Phillips is focused on now. But even as such, I think what Steamer and I were concerned about is that on this particular track, it seemed that there is much going on musically that the drummer is not a part of and that two and four in the HH actually gets annoying after a while. It seems that about hald way through the time needs to start to relax and he keeps driving it.

Part of the sound/dynamic problem is the drum set; it's a hybrid maple-bubinga, isn't it? It's loud. He even has a screen. I really don't want to go see a jazz player who plays behind a screen. Does that sound silly? Should it really?
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