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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
To suggest that we should accept his playing on face value because he is a name is to suggest that we use no aesthetic judgment of our own. That is definitely not a road I am gong to go down. I am not going to say taht everything is value neutral. That is just nonsense.
No one suggested that, Ken. I didn't say or suggest that Simon's performance was innovative or that everyone must enjoy it because it's The Great Simon Phillips. It's just that I didn't relate to the blanket statement you made in general because I don't relate to blanket statements. I thought you'd be ok about qualifying it. If you missed my point then I'm sorry for not making myself clear.

As for crossing of bar lines, lots of non-jazzers use the device at times. Even I do it because "unsquaring" can keep a passage or transition from sounding stiff. If I'm familiar with the concept then Simon certainly is.

Simon may have decided to play the theme squared off as a matter of taste. After all, he's played an awful lot of sessions and probably likes things to be tidy :) Perhaps the issue is that elements of his prog tastes have leaked into his jazz performance? At least he didn't play double-kick 16ths ...
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