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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
But not in music, MFB. My understanding is that he was an art guy before starting up with Roxy.
Talk to Eno and he is surprised that anyone actually takes his art seriously as music.
This type of a discussion quickly becomes an exercise in futility because people don't understand the fundamental concept that if he were doing something innovative he would be taking the style to a new level. But what he is doing is routine. I think Phillips is a great drummer and if playing in this style is his project, he will develop it quite well. I am sure he knows the style well; but I would need to see an example of him playing doing something with it before I am going to respect his interpretation of it. To suggest that we should accept his playing on face value because he is a name is to suggest that we use no aesthetic judgment of our own. That is definitely not a road I am gong to go down. I am not going to say taht everything is value neutral. That is just nonsense.
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