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Default Art and Music

From the Can Simon play jazz? thread:

We were talking about Brian Eno's background and MFB said:

Originally Posted by;Mediocrefunkybea t View Post
Yes, he was, but that doesn't make him musically naive. Far from it. You ought to read the 'Ambient Manifesto' in the front of 'Music for Airports'. There are a number of other works out there, I have a compilation of musical writings for my degree and he is heavily featured. Art guys often understand music far better than musicians - they have the 'outsider edge' and a lot of the thought processes are the same, especially from an aesthetic standpoint. Stockhausen has his parallels with Picasso, Van Gogh with Debussy. The same idea, two different fields.
Interesting. I read about a old jazz drummer who was also an accomplished abtract painter. Journalists would sometimes ask him about what seemed like an odd mix of talents and he replied with something to the same effect as your above comment. They have the distance of lay listeners combined with an artistic sensibility.

Our singer is heavily into design - of anything, be it websites (his work), model making (not kits), painting, cartooning - and he's such a natural vocalist. He really "gets it", at least in his preferred genres. He's acutely aware of the stories music tells, how it takes the listener on a journey. I suspect that's heading towards what you're talking about when you said, "Art guys often understand music far better than musicians".
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