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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
if you are going to play in the style, you need to know that history of the style.
As a general rule and when it comes to a prog drummer playing with a group of jazzmen, sure. However, if that principle was absolute then a number of new styles and approaches would not have been be created. Most times naivete is not an asset, but as they say, "Out of the mouths of babes ...". Sometimes intuition and/or soul without a whole lot of historical grounding can lead to interesting approaches.

Brian Eno
Ornette Coleman
Jackson Pollock
The first bluesmen
Moe Tucker

Sorry if my comment seems too anal, Ken, and I'm aware that the above are exceptions rather than the rule. Just that your statement seems too absolute and blanket to me and would need qualifiers not to jar.
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