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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Yes, exactly. These guys know what they are doing and Simon is the 'name.' How do I know that he hasn't studied post-bop drumming? Because the situation calls for the type of over the bar line syncopated playing that Stan is referencing. Simon is playing very routinely, which is what you play when you are not versed in the style. It is not innovative. As you become more versed in the style, you learn how to expand and free up the feel of the groove outside of a straight ride cymbal pattern with very predictable hits. It becomes the over the bar line-interactive phrasing associated with the great hard bop and post bop drummers mentioned. The fact these players can do this is the reason guys love their playing. They are the master of this style. It is no crime to emulate what they are doing.

Gotta fly to a gig but thanks Ken for adding more to this "uncomplex" discussion when it comes to covering certain essential basic elements heard in jazz drumming in a ensemble situation like the one posted.

Mastering again simply means knowing the language of your instrument in any given music at hand BEFORE extending on it.

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