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Default Re: Can Simon play jazz?

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Unfair comparison really. Monk WAS a revolutionary jazz figure BUT he was coming from a very specific deeply rooted tradition that came before him in jazz to which he branched off of. Monk was THE master of syncopation' conterpoint in his writing and ensemble playing {soloing/comping} too don't forget. Certainly a "jazz based" musician his entire career but many didn't get Monk at the time it was going down.

Look at the way Ken hinted at it. Simon is obviously playing with a backup band of seasoned jazz pros. You can hear in their playing, I can. And like Ken said since he's playing in that specific format with these people playing off the same common "language" of music why not play more off the piano players syncopated comping figures and such rather than finishing phrases and such by leaning heavy on the downbeats of the bars instead missing the moment of the locking up on the buoyant extra push in the ensemble that could be happening as just one example worth pointing out. Doesn't sound like a new take on drum innovations or "my take on it" but more of lack of experience with a common jazz language and rules of engagement that seems better shared by the rest of the musicians playing the music on the stage during the tune other than the drummer in this case. He's working on it for sure but he's no master of the complex jazz ensemble language yet.

Just my thoughts and observations take it or leave it, no worries..........

Yes, exactly. These guys know what they are doing and Simon is the 'name.' How do I know that he hasn't studied post-bop drumming? Because the situation calls for the type of over the bar line syncopated playing that Stan is referencing. Simon is playing very routinely, which is what you play when you are not versed in the style. It is not innovative. As you become more versed in the style, you learn how to expand and free up the feel of the groove outside of a straight ride cymbal pattern with very predictable hits. It becomes the over the bar line-interactive phrasing associated with the great hard bop and post bop drummers mentioned. The fact these players can do this is the reason guys love their playing. They are the master of this style. It is no crime to emulate what they are doing.
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